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Famous Nadi Astrologers in Hyderabad call Nadi astrology as Nadi Shastra or Nadi Jyothisham in Hyderabad. It is a type of traditional Indian astrology that can be used to discover information about one's past and even future. This Nadi astrology in Hyderabad, which sheds light on a person's soul's journey, has grown in popularity throughout India, particularly in Hyderabad. The Nadi collection, a part of the Nadi Shastra, is a comprehensive collection of divine prophecies written on palm leaves in a specific script.

Nadi Astrology, a rare and divine technology that uses your thumb impression for identification of your Nadi Leaf that holds the keys to your future, is called Nadi Astrology. Nadi Astrology In Hyderabad offers you the unique opportunity to change your destiny using three Nadi Astrology collections: Shiva Sukshama Nadi, Thuliya Nadi, and Agastya Nadi. This super science will help you understand the Divine connection between your past karma, your current life, and offer a solution for your life problems.

How To Get Online Nadi Astrology In Hyderabad ?

● You will need to make an impression on your thumb with an inkpad (left thumb for females, right thumb for males).

● Ensure that the lines are clear by making two or three thumb impressions on white blank paper.

● Then scan and save the paper with your thumb impression in.jpg ,.gif, or.pdf format.

● To submit your thumb impression, please email it to us at We can also receive scanned thumb impressions via WhatsApp (+91) 99633-34337 if you prefer

● For further procedures, please include your Name, Email, Contact Number, and Skype ID along with the thumb impression.

Online Nadi Reading Procedure

● You will be notified via Skype or WhatsApp if your Nadi leaf has been identified during the reading slot.

● Using the webcam attached to our end, you can see the Nadi Reader and Translator in action.

● Whether you use a headphone mic or a speaker, you'll need a microphone and speaker. The original Tamil predictions written on Palm leaves will be translated into English and emailed to you after we have identified your correct leaf.

Famous Nadi Astrologer In Hyderabad, Telangana Guru Ji A. Siva Guru Swamy

Guru Ji A. Siva Guru Swamy is a well-known Nadi astrologer in Hyderabad, Telangana. Patterns repeated every day and year are broken as one becomes aware of the lessons and actions to be taken. He is working as a Naadi jyothishyalayam In hyderabad for the last 30 years and giving Appropriate predictions. Guruji A. Siva Guru Swamy performs the best Nadi jyothisham in Hyderabad.

The individual then begins the spiritual journey and accelerates into the celestial realm.. Where his karmas are quickly resolved and he spiritually develops. A person never turns back while on the path of evolution. He can prevent evil from occurring, change his destiny, and, to a lesser extent, make predictions based on his kundali. Because the kundali describes the stored karma, this is the case. When someone disrupts the previous chain of events, they become aware of their actions. Nadi Jothidam in Hyderabad This has been Guruji's distinct strength since the first day he travelled. Have you ever considered that your future was predetermined millennia before you were born? That is what distinguishes Nadi astrology.

Prediction Can be Persued In

online nadi astrology reading

Sivanadi Astrology

  • Written by Sivavakkiyar
  • Leaves Rare to Find
  • Customers Favorite
online nadi astrology reading

Agasthya Nadi Astrology

  • Written by Agasthyar
  • Cost Effective
  • Much Older Leaves

Get Prediction By

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Live Nadi Reading

An experienced astrologer in your nearest branch will do the prediction one by one and provide you with a copy of your birth chart as well as a CD of the prediction and also send your prediction to your Email Address.

online nadi astrology reading

Online Nadi Reading

A video or audio call is conducted with the comfort of staying at home while a recording is sent to your email id, so it is extremely important to provide your Astrologer with your current email address in order to receive your predictions on time.

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Swift Nadi Reading

A rapid way to get a prediction for our very pre-occupied Customers, is to fill in the form below and send us and you will be sent an Audio recording to your email too.

How to Get Prediction ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Siva Guru Swamy Is Famous Nadi Astrologer In Hyderabad, Telangana. Get Solution For All Problems. Know Your Past, Present, Future. Get Predictions From Expert Nadi Astrologer In Hyderabad.

Nadiastrologyinhyderabad Is A Platform That Has More Than 20 Years Experience. Our Clients Receive World-class Services Both On A National And International Level. Our Astrologers Are Licensed To Help You Choose The Right Life Guide For You.

Nadi Astrology, Therefore, Is The Most Precise And Exact Method. It Requires Precise Birth Times And Knowledge Of Authentic Nadi Texts. Most Of These Texts Are Not Published And Custodians Don't Allow Anyone To View Them.

It Is Interesting To Note That There Is A Siva Nadi, A Form Of Nadi That Is Composed Of Dialogues Between Lord Shiva (And His Consort Parvati). Kakabusanda, A Well-known Saint, Sang Verses To Gorakhnath Concerning The Fate And Destiny For Mankind. This Nadi Form Is Called Kakabusanda Nadi

It's Very Simple! Nadiastrologyinhyderabad. It's Here! You Can Connect With Top Astrologers In Hyderabad Through Our Platform. Browse Their Profiles And Choose Your Dream Life Coach.


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