Nadi History

There were 18 siddhars, including sivavakkiyar and Agasthiyar, and many others who influenced ancient Tamil literature, philosophy, and art.

They are most well-known for their manuscripts on dried and smoked palm leaves with iron nails, known as palm leaf manuscripts (olai Chuvadi or Tala Patra) which were used later in centuries to make future predictions.

Our ancestors belonged to the valluvar clan. The priest of the Pallava Kings, who ruled over large parts of south India for approximately 600 years, was the Valluvar. The Valluvars were responsible to conduct rituals and ceremonies long before the Brahmins. They were also skilled in medicine, astrology and astronomy.

Also, it was believed that many kings from the north would visit to receive a prediction after having waited for months to achieve their karma (life purpose).

Pallava kingdom spoke Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, and Prakrit at the time. However, they used Pallava script to write poetry. Later, they switched to grandha, which is very similar to Pallava script because it is derived from it.

Many inscriptions and palm-leaf manuscripts were translated to grandha. Valluvars would translate and decipher all their work.Thiruvalluvar, who is well-known for his writing of the thiru Kural, is also believed by many to have been a valluvar. This is why the palm leaf manuscripts that were used for the writing of the thiru Kural are so popular.

Later, during British rule, they discovered that inscribed manuscripts could predict the future of people. They forced valluvars to translate the text to English and decipher the manuscript for them. However, the astrologers refused to comply. Many manuscripts were set on fire, resulting in their mass destruction. Some were stolen and taken to Britain. A few can still be found in museums. Many priests, valluvars, and royals kept a large number of scripts safe and protected because they understood the importance of these inscriptions.

To retrieve them after independence, we had to prove our identity, lineage, caste and gotra. However, most manuscripts were retrieved to us, especially the major portion of Sivavakkiyar's and agasthyiar's manuscripts. Unfortunately, not all manuscripts reached other valluvars. Also, few manuscripts reached our caste and very few were trained to make predictions or read Grantha. This led to a proliferation of Nadi Astrology centres making misleading and false prediction and misleading predictions.

We're still collecting authentic tala Patras. These will be used to make accurate and reliable predictions using our own Astrologers with at least 10 years experience. This will help people solve their problems. You can also get a refund if you're not satisfied with a prediction. Because we believe that nadi is a divine service, we cannot complete it without our customers being happy..

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